Steelhead Jigs & Salmon Jigs

Jig Fishing-Getting You Started

Jig Fishing-
Getting You Started with Some Tips, Care and Techniques

Steelhead Jigs & Salmon Jigs

At Bent Rods, we are committed to providing our customers with top quality service and products.  All of our Jigs are field tested by professional fishermen and are proven to be highly successful at hooking and landing both Salmon and Steelhead.  The two basic ways we fish our Jigs are as follows;

Float Fishing
This technique is very similar to fishing any type of bait or lure under a float.  One thing that must be taken into consideration is the fact that the Jig itself is weighted and therefore you must fish it well off bottom to avoid hanging up.  Also while fishing the Jig, try very hard not to put tension on the line, and allow the Jig to float naturally with the current DRAG FREE.  As proven time and again, fish will move up in the water column to take a Jig, so stay off the bottom and save yourself the money and grief of getting snagged up.

The Jigging technique can be very productive as well.  With this method you cast past the suspected fish hold and let your Jig sink near the bottom, when you reach the desired depth, you perform a very quick lift of the rod tip and drop it just as quickly, followed by reeling in the slack line.  You keep this action going until the lure has returned to your position.  Remember the fish will often follow the lure right back to your position and often you will be rewarded with watching the fish take your lure. This technique is most deadly with Coho and Pink salmon, but all species will respond to it, and it’s something they very seldom see, so it can be deadly.  The Jigs for this style fishing are made on larger hooks with much larger lead heads and are cheaper.  Make sure you purchase the correct Jig for the style you are fishing.
Setting Up Your Gear

Float Fishing
While many styles of float fishing Jigs can be used, we will present the method we have found most effective.
Any style of popular float can be used for fishing Jigs and your choice will be based on what you can afford.  Foam floats are a good lower cost choice and work well.  Other popular models are plastic and balsa floats.  Both are excellent, although more costly, but often price spells quality.
-Simply attach your float to your mainline.  Attach your weight below this, followed by a swivel.  We highly recommend using split shot to weight your set-up, but pencil lead and slinkies are also excellent choices.
-Now attach your leader below your swivel.  Keep your leaders between 12- 24 inches with longer leaders favorable for clear water conditions.
-Next attach your Jig to the leader.
You are now ready to float fish your Jig.  REMEMBER keep your Jig at least 1-2 feet off bottom at all times- you will catch more fish this way.

Simply attach your Jigging style Jig to the mainline and you are ready to fish.

Tips & Tricks for Jig Fishing

- In colored water big flashy Jigs are best, with the chartreuse color being an excellent choice.
- Dark and smaller profile Jigs are better in very low clear water.
- Adding small pieces of bait to your hook tip can definitely help entice fish to bite. Pieces of prawns or shrimp work well for this.
- Maintaining a “drag free drift” is a very important aspect of Jig fishing.  Master this and your success with them will rise considerably.
- Keep your Jig well off bottom to increase your chances at success, forget the old habits of fishing along the bottom.
- Leave all your other lures and bait at home.  Fishing Jigs when all other lures have failed will never let you see their magic.  Nothing will attract fish if the fish are not there.
- Treat your Jigs well.  Keep them clean- keep them dry- and always carry them in something that will not flatten the materials.

Jig Care
Always carry your Jigs in a dry, smell free case or container. After your day of fishing, take all used Jigs and wash them with dish detergent in your sink.  Next, hang them somewhere to dry.  A small fan can really help fluff them up for your next trip.  Also check the hooks for sharpness at this time, if dull, you will probably want to sharpen them.  Bent Rods uses only top quality hooks and dulling is very rare when fished properly.  Also remember that Jig materials have dye in them and they will bleed onto each other causing an undesirable color change, so keep them separated while wet.

We appreciate and value each customer's business!  If you have any problems with your Jigs or questions about fishing them please give us a call. 

Bent Rods and keep our rivers clean!

Please remember that Catch & Release is the Fisherman’s Conservation Tool!

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